Photography is something Cheryl Gottschall has always had a passion and knack for and has been her focus since she was a child. Photography is not something Cheryl just picked up, a hobby to do in her spare time or as a second career. She’s dedicated her life to creating images for professional and personal purposes and can never be found without a camera in her bag. 

 A few highlights:

•Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Photographic communications from Rochester Institute of Technology

•Studied fine art photography in Salzburg, Austria

•Worked with renowned editorial portrait photographers and product photographers in New York City

•Photographed ophthalmic, clinical and surgical photography as a medical photographer in Philadelphia

•Owned and operated a retail photography supply store with a custom black and white lab in Raleigh, NC

•Working as a commercial photographer in North Carolina for over 20 years

•Volunteer for Meals on Wheels serving lunch in the congregate dining room

•Volunteer at For the Love of Dogs clinic and rescue group

•Travel, near or far, just to explore through her lens 

Cheryl carries her own equipment, so she doesn’t have to go to a gym. She’s flexible enough to climb into small spaces just to get the shot. She takes the documentary street photography approach to find the composition quickly. Her Medical Photography background taught Cheryl to get the shot right the first time (there are no do-overs in surgery). She laughs when the dog she’s photographing decides to sit in her lap or show off its personality. She’s fascinated with the way things look from the small details of a flower petal to the mechanics of a large machine. Cheryl considers a variety of clients and subject matters the perfect way to continue learning her craft.